7 cuentas de Instagram para que no te falten ideas de recetas vegetarianas

Sigue estas cuentas con las mejores ideas para preparar recetas sencillas y deliciosas, cenas y postres para que jamás vuelvas a aburrirte al momento de comer
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Uno de los mitos más difundidos en torno a las recetas vegetarianas es que se trata de comida aburrida o sin sabor: nada más falso. En los últimos años, la tendencia de adoptar dietas basadas en plantas ha demostrado que cualquier comida puede ser deliciosa con un poco de imaginación.

Si bien en cualquier régimen alimenticio es difícil preparar un platillo distinto cada día, cuando se trata de obtener recetas vegetarianas tu mejor inspiración está en Instagram. Sigue a estas cuentas para comer cada día algo nuevo y probar con una multitud de sabores.

Las mejores cuentas de Instagram con ideas para recetas vegetarianas:



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just to compliment yesterday’s quick store bought ramen which I bought at whole foods and it’s spicy sesame with fresh Japanese style noods from my #whatIateinaday vlog 🔥👆 THIS is the best #vegan ramen and it’s in the #hotforfoodcookbook 🍜 you make a tare and a really layered veg broth with mushrooms and roasted veg… so you get that deep umami flavor in your bowl!!! It’s 100x better than the one I made in my #vlog but sometimes ain’t nobody got time for that 💥 I have faith you can make this and it’ll be worth the little bit of extra labor👩🏻‍🍳available ONLY in #vegancomfortclassics (wherever books are sold!) 👆LINK IN BIO 👆 * * * #hotforfood #ramen #veganramen #noods #homemaderamen #umami #hotforfoodrecipe #soupseason #soup #ramenlover #ramennoodles #comfortfood #whatveganseat #vegansofig #tasty #veganrecipes

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¿Quién dijo que las hamburguesas, las albóndigas y los tacos estaban prohibidos para los vegetarianos? @hotforfood es una cuenta creada por la instagrammer Lauren Toyota y en su feed podrás encontrar la inspiración para crear platillos deliciosos sin romper tu régimen alimenticio de la mano de las mejores recetas vegetarianas.



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Folks, I am HERE for your 4th of July + summer cook-out needs with this BOMB vegan chipotle queso, that just so happens to be perfect for veggie burgers!! (#ad) This queso is savory, a little spicy, and full of cheesy flavor thanks to @bobsredmill nutritional yeast. I’ve loved this campaign with Bob’s because they literally have EVERYTHING I need 😂 Flour, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, oats, nutritional yeast… all so, so good. 😋 Alright that’s enough from me, I’m off to watch more BTS music videos and work on @saturdayivyshop 🙈 #RedMillandBlue . . . #wellandfull #veggieburger #bobsredmill #veggieburgers #veganqueso #vegancheese #veganburger #veganburgers #vegangrilling #stupidgoodfood #veganfoodporn #whatveganseat #eeeeeats #dailyfoodfeed #vegetarian #summercooking #summercookout #summerrecipe #summerrecipes #meatlessmondays #meatlessmonday #meatlesseveryday #veganrecipeshare #veganfoodshare #bestofvegan #vegan_veganfood

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Si amas comer sano y probar ingredientes nuevos, esta cuenta es para ti: desde ensaladas con pasta, aguacate, granos, hot cakes y hasta sushi, todo libre de gluten y orgánico. Prepara toda clase de platillos healthy elaborados por Sarah y evita el aburrimiento a la hora de comer.



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(Oh, Ladycakes takeover, 3/5) Lunch! I know a lot of people like to snack during lunchtime, but I require three solid meals a day or else I turn into a monster (the “hanger” is real, folks). Because I live in a household of two, we almost always have leftovers from the night before—which is great for me because that means lunch requires minimal effort. Today’s lunch is a big bowl of Spicy Peanut Stew with Butternut Squash + Chickpeas (the most popular recipe on my blog), and it is every bit warming and delicious. I like to top it with avocado slices, peanuts, and kale, and I serve it with a side of crispy bread or quinoa. But usually bread because bread is LIFE. 🍞🤘 — @ohladycakes #osgtakeover

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Aprende a hacer recetas veganas de principio a fin con los videos de Angela Liddon. Brownies, postres, noodles y hasta desayunos completos sencillos pero deliciosos. Si te convence, podrás ordenar alguno de los libros de recetas de Liddon online.



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COOK FOR YOUR BUDDIES If you’ve recently gone vegan or veggie and your friends are pecking at your head with gems such as “you’re definitely not gonna get enough protein” or “vegan food is well boring”, we have an idea… We reckon the best way for you to show your pals that plant based food is a genuinely really good is for you to cook them a scrumptious plant based meal. Honestly, it works. When we first went vegan, almost 5 years ago, a few of our mates gave us jip, so we cooked for them to show them that eating plants isn’t weird and all of them, bar none, were like “bloody hell, this is alright!” Now, 5 years on, most of our mates are eating waaaaay more plant based food than ever before and they NEVER wind us up about being vegan. If you need recipes, head over to bosh.tv. We’ve got recipes galore and they’re all completely free. If you prefer cooking out of a book, we’ve released 3 cookbooks. BOSH!, BISH BASH BOSH! & BOSH! Healthy Vegan. Good luck on your plant based journey. We’re 100% sure it’ll turn out to be one of the best things you ever do. Big love, Henry and Ian x #bosh #veganmainstream 📸 @nickyjohnston 📚 Healthy Vegan @hqstories

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Bosh! es un sitio de Internet fundado por Ian y Henry, dos amigos que comparten la pasión por la comida deliciosa y las dietas basadas en plantas. Su cuenta de Instagram es un almanaque de ideas sencillas para darle un giro a tu comida de todos los días y jamás volverte a aburrir en la mesa con distinta ideas para recetas vegetarianas.



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An NEW recipe is on my blog elavegan.com for this Creamy Vegan Ramen! 😍 . It’s packed with flavorful vegetables and is super easy to make in about 30 minutes. 😃 . The recipe link is in my highlighted Insta stories (@elavegan) or google “Ramen Elavegan”. . Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 💛 . https://elavegan.com/creamy-vegan-ramen . . . 🇩🇪 Ein NEUES Rezept ist auf meinem Blog für diese cremige vegane Ramen Nudelsuppe! 😍 . Das Rezept ist super einfach in ca. 30 Minuten zuzubereiten, wohltuend und sehr lecker! 😋 . Den Link zum Rezept findet ihr in meinem Profil (@elavegan), Insta stories und auf elavegan.com/de . Ich wünsche euch noch einen schönen Sonntag Abend! 💛 . . . . . . . #veganramen #ramen #vegansoup #noodlesoup #veganside #vegandinner #whatveganseat #plantbased #veganfood #vegansofig #foodblog #foodblogger #veganrecipe #eeeeeats #cleaneating #bestofvegan #veganbombs #buzzfeast #foodgawker #huffposttaste #MakesMeWhole #veganbowls #feedfeed #f52grams

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Michaela Vais es una de las food blogger con más seguidores en todo Instagram. A través de @elavegan, la blogger alemana comparte los resultados de sus últimas creaciones basadas en la cocina internacional con enlaces hacia su sitio web para leer recetas vegetarianas con mayor detenimiento.



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Strawberry and Chocolate Chia Tart for you know what 😉🙃. With a chocolate cookie crust, vanilla chia layer and strawberry jam layer, this tart is the perfect treat! I created this recipe for a dream client collab between @thechiaco and @barkersofnz. You can find the recipe on the main page of thechiaco.com/au and if you pop over to Barkers NZ page, they’re hosting a huge giveaway of love-ly treats ❤. . Truth be told, I’ve actually hated Valentine’s Day til I met my current partner (now I just have a slight distaste of it) 😅. I didn’t like it when people provided gifts as a competition of status rather than a genuine display of affection. Or maybe recieving material gifts is just not my ‘language of love’. In saying that, I’m all up for galentines and spending time with loved ones… because you cant fake that! Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?! xo

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Con más de 162 mil seguidores, la cuenta de Anthea demuestra que comer vegano no significa sacrificar ni una pizca de sabor y con fotografías dignas de foodporn, presenta recetas vegetarianas específicas para el punto débil de un sinfín de personas: el postre. 


Churros, pastel, hamburguesas y hasta ramen: descubre platillos que jamás imaginabas que se podían hacer únicamente con ingredientes veganos para que nunca vuelvas a quedarte con antojo y añádelos a tus recetas vegetarianas favoritas.


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Alejandro López

Alejandro López